Training material for GEOENVI LCA method

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is an established approach to quantify and account for potential environmental impacts of goods and services during their entire life cycle. The GEOENVI research project proposes guidelines to harmonize current LCA practices applied to geothermal plants in different geological settings throughout their lifetime.

GEOENVI has also developed a newly integrated methodological framework for non-LCA experts to assess the potential environmental impacts of geothermal energy systems.

GEOENVI generated simplified models for four different types of deep geothermal plants: CHP (combined Heat and Power), EGS (enhanced geothermal systems), flash power plant with limited heat production, heat production with small ORC.

Once generated, simplified models can be easily used by non-LCA experts.

Users can find support materials for the training sessions on LCA and simplified models for deep geothermal energy projects below:

Booklet with training materials for GEOENVI’s LCA and simplified models

Watch the tutorial to generate LCA simplified models for geothermal systems – GEOENVI project

Find here the Jupyter script of the video tutorial to generate simplified models and check out the links in the script