Two days Geothermal Brussels events

February 28, 2020

In Brussels 4th and 5th of February took place the Two days Geothermal Brussels events with more than 60 participants from different European countries.

The first days was dedicated to present the first results from the GEOENVI project, the final conclusions from the consortium awarded of the EC tender: “Study on Geothermal plants’ and applications’ emissions: overview and analysis”, conducted by the Ernst&Young, RINA and VITO, which aim at setting an adapted methodology for assessing environmental impacts and risks of geothermal projects. We remind all participants to send their remarks to the consortium by this Sunday 8th of February 2020.

The day-2 was dedicated to three sessions:

– The continuation of the GEOENVI seminar dealing with mitigation measures of environmental issues and environmental regulations. This session was accompanied by case studies presentation.

– the industry workshop of the SU-DG-IWG about defining deep geothermal reference plants & assets. Feel free to send your inputs and comments to EGEC at

– the last session was and ETIP-DG meeting aiming at selecting research priorities for Horizon Europe. The next targets of the IWG-DG were also discussed. You are able to send your comments and inputs by Friday 21/02/2020

Agenda of the event


Tuesday 4th February :

– Short introduction by the European Commission: M Soede, DG Research

– GEOENVI project overview: P Dumas, EGEC

– Environmental concerns and comparison with other RES: J Maury, BRGM

– Panorama of sustainability studies: S R GUÐJÓNSDÓTTIR, OS

– EC tender “Study on Geothermal plants’ and applications’ emissions: overview and analysis” (Ernst&Young, RINA, VITO)

Joint session: GEOENVI project and the final conclusions of the EC tender:

– Introduction on LCA guidelines, ML Parisi (Siena university)

– Short presentation on Exergy and PES + allocation criteria (electricity and heat), G Manfrida (Florence University)

– Presentation of harmonised methodology for environmental impact assessment with a life-cycle perspective for geothermal systems: I Blanc, MINES ParisTech

Wednesday 5th February :


– Introduction and Presentation GEOENVI project, Philippe Dumas, EGEC

– Overview of environmental regulations: A Manzella, CNR-IGG & T Garabetian, EGEC

– Case study: Hungary : A Nador, MBFSZ / Italy : L Torsello, COSVIG

– Review of mitigation measures: A Manzella, CNR-IGG

– Case study: France: Guillaume Ravier, ES-geothermie / Italy: Sara Montomoli, ENEL GP

– Presentation of harmonised methodology for environmental impact assessment with a life-cycle perspective for geothermal systems: V Harcouët-Menou, VITO

– Taxonomy regulations and Sustainable finance: What’s in for geothermal?: T Garabetian, EGEC

– Communicating geothermal: F Batini, Rete Geotermica


GEOENVI national workshop for Belgium

A joint SU-DG-IWG & ETIP-DG event:

– Industry workshop on monitoring reference plants & assets

– SU-DG-IWG – Proposals on: Key Performance Indicators: Reference plants & assets

– Reference plants Geothermal Heat in the Netherlands

– Reference plants for Switzerland

– ETIP-DG Stakeholders meeting

– Expectations from the European Commission

– Presentation & discussion on updated targets for the DG-IWG

– Priority list for the Roadmap implementation: inputs to WP2021-2023

– Updates on Funding instruments: Horizon Europe & Innovation Fund

IWG DG SU platform for industry-research exchange:

– Innovative ideas from research

– ‘Wellbore flow simulator’