Simplified Life Cycle Assessment method for geothermal

January 27, 2020

The GEOENVI project works on the development of a simplified LCA method to assess the environmental impacts of planned or already in operation deep geothermal energy plants. The purpose of this methodology is to help prospective deep geothermal energy project developers to evaluate the environmental performance of their planned project, in particular against fossil alternatives. The use of the GEOENVI LCA methodology allows to quantify at quickly with a burden on developers what benefits will result from the development of the geothermal project and increase public acceptance and engagement.


Several LCA experts and geothermal energy stakeholders came together to design the LCA methodology in the framework of the GEOENVI project. They went through numerous case studies, providing a typology of geothermal power and heat plants. From the full life cycle assessment of several key case studies, a simplified methodology can be established.


The development of the simplified LCA methodology is ongoing, but a webpage has already been created. Keep watching this space for more updates.