LCA Guidelines for Geothermal Installations

  • Deliverable

These guidelines offer methodological indications and assistance on how to perform Life Cycle Assessments of geothermal systems. They are a first proposal (May 2020) based on the experienced judgement of GEOENVI partners.

Download the LCA guidelines for Geothermal Installations

GEOENVI partners also drafted some recommendations stemming from the feedback from national workshops and the experience gathered during the application of the LCA guidelines to the six case studies of the partner countries. The result is that, while the above version of the guidelines is already regarded as very useful to help the application of LCA to deep geothermal systems, a future version of the guidelines could provide more information on 1) the prioritisation of the impact categories, 2) the allocation method, 3) the system boundaries, and 4) the consideration of direct emissions.

Read here the Suggestions for an update of the LCA guidelines for geothermal installations