In Tuscany (Italy) the road to sustainability is paved with geothermal energy

April 7, 2021

Tuscany is not only beautiful landscape and delicious food. It also hosts the oldest and most innovative geothermal complex. Enel Green Power manages the 34 geothermal electric plants spread across the provinces of Pisa, Siena and Grosseto, which have all adopted the sustainable plant model.

The over 6 billion KWh produced across the regional territory satisfy more than 30% of the region’s energy needs. They also supply heating to more than 10,000 households, around 30 hectares of greenhouses, and numerous companies operating in agri-food, floriculture, crafts and leatherwork.

Highest sustainability standards of Tuscany geothermal plants

The Chiusdino geothermal power plant is as a clear example of this sustainability culture and show all its multiple benefits.

The design of the plant embraced the world’s highest quality standards and the most innovative environmental technologies. During the plant’s regular operations, on top of all relevant safety and environmental standards, all the circular economy principles are applied (e.g. reusing materials, recycling waste, limiting energy consumption for lighting and much more).

The plant has a system to separate and clean steam, and eliminate water. It is also equipped with a mercury and hydrogen sulfide emissions abatement system, which eliminates incondensable gasses from the process.

Locals enjoy cleaner air, cheaper energy and new economic opportunities

The municipality of Chiusdino is rich in resources, first and foremost its environmental, architectural and cultural heritage. Enel Green Power contributes to protecting local wildlife and organises tours of important cultural and naturalistic itineraries.

Thanks to the geothermal district heating system completed in 2019, the town of Chiusdino became completely carbon-free, eliminating all emissions of CO2 and fine particulate matter from boilers and stoves powered by fossil fuels.

Chiusdino is also an important example of circular economy, because thermal resources are a form of residual energy from the process that generates geothermal electricity. District heating plants enable the reuse of residual heat, allowing people to save on their heating costs, while also encouraging the creation of new businesses that can benefit from the low cost of heat. Moreover, geothermal district heating boosts the value of local real estate, making houses healthier to live in and encouraging the use of properties that may have been abandoned otherwise.

For all these reasons, Tuscany shows a successful path towards sustainability where geothermal energy plays a key role.

Source: Enel Green Power

Photo credit: Fabio Sartori

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