Geothermal energy is cheaper (and cleaner) than gas

October 15, 2020

Who said that geothermal energy is expensive? In France, the cost of geothermal district heating and cooling is cheaper than gas. While producing heat from deep geothermal energy costs between 15 to 55 € /MWh, the cost of producing heat from a gas furnace is 51€/MWh.

France so far has 71 deep geothermal installations, including 49 in Paris, 21 in the Aquitaine basin, the rest in Alsace, in the Rhone area and in Limagne. In 2018, the heat production from these installations reached 1,78 TWh with an installed capacity of 627 MW.

In these areas, France has made a smart and sustainable choice. Geothermal energy is a local energy source, is cleaner, cheaper and more secure than gas. What are other European countries waiting for?

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Source: ADEME (French Agency for Energy and Environment)

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