Geothermal energy fosters thermal tourism in the City of Çorum, Turkey

October 28, 2020

At the Hamamlıçayköy thermal destination in Turkey, the discovery of more geothermal reservoirs at 35 C° will lead to extended facilities, therefore fostering health tourism and economic possibilities. The drilling has been carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as the Çorum Special Provincial Administration.

Hamamlıçay Thermal Facilities is very important for spa tourism in the city of Çorum. This facility, which provides healing properties with its water, will serve not only Çorum but the whole region, stressed Governor Mustafa Çiftçi.

The mayor of Hamamlıçayköy, Bekir Söylemez confirmed that they were planning to establish a new tourism facility in Çorum at the beginning of the work. After the water reaches the desired level, the new facility is expected to be established.

Source: Jesder

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