Geothermal Biancane Natural Park in Tuscany wins Tripadvisor’s ‘traveller’s choice 2020’ award

February 24, 2021

The Biancane Natural Park in the Tuscany Geothermal Areas has been recognised as an international tourist attraction since 2015, thanks to its inclusion amongst the UNESCO sites. Last year, the park won the Traveller’s Choice 2020 Award of Tripadvisor, an excellence certificate based on continuous positive feedbacks, which the platform awards every year to the most visited attractions or tourist facilities. The park is among the top 10 places to visit, according to Tripadvisor.

The spectacular secondary volcanism phenomena characterise the Biancane Natural Park landscape, where people can enjoy bubbling lagoons, little geysers, fumarole, as well as other geothermal phenomena.

In addition to the visit of the Natural Park, the municipality opened the Geological Museum of Biancane (MUBIA) in 2019. This is an interactive museum where tourists can experience a simulated journey to the centre of the Earth, play to learn about the geology of this site and the geothermal phenomena, or try innovative audio-guides with augmented sound reality into the Park.

This is a proof of geothermal energy’s potential, not only as a renewable energy source, but also to promote the economic diversification of territories, which have continuously preserved their natural resources.

Source: COSVIG

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