Protocol to generate simplified models

The European GEOENVI project developed Simplified models to estimate the environmental impacts for a selection of categories of geothermal installations over their life cycle. Simplified models, one per each environmental impact, are simple equations relying on a small number of variable parameters that allow first environmental assessments of geothermal installations.

The generation of these simplified models was possible thanks to the application of a protocol. The concept of the protocol, initially developed to produce simplified models for wind turbines and for a first type of geothermal installation, an enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) plant generating electricity, has been adapted to better account for uncertainty and variability sources in the environmental impact assessment of different geothermal installations.

This protocol is now detailed to enable future users to generate simplified models for an extended set of geothermal installations categories other than the four already generated within the GEOENVI project (EGS; geothermal flash power; combined Heat and Power (CHP) geothermal plant; Organic Ranking Cycle (ORC) geothermal plant).

Access here the report the Updated protocol to deliver simplified models for geothermal installations => This report is explaining both the concept of the protocol and its operational implementation through relevant libraries. It has been updated in April 2021 after a thorough stakeholder consultation.