Webinar on the GEOENVI Web Platform to test project simplified LCA models for geothermal plants

18 February 2021

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a standardized methodology used to quantify potential environmental impacts of a technology or product throughout its entire life cycle. LCA is becoming the most used methodology to assess potential environmental impacts and confront the environmental concerns that might be linked to the use of deep geothermal resources. But conducting an LCA requires detailed knowledge of the methodological choices and is very time consuming.

Simplified models are a valuable alternative to full LCA, as they estimate the environmental impacts of an installation over its life cycle from a limited number of independent input variable parameters allowing an easy application by non-LCA experts. GEOENVI LCA expert partners developed a set of simplified models for a selection of specific geothermal installation types and entered them into a Web Platform, where users can input few data related to their projects, to obtain potential impact results on seven different impact categories.

Following the training seminars organized in GEOENVI Project countries in November and December 2020, this interactive session helped stakeholders to understand and use the Web Platform implementing the simplified LCA models. Attendees had the opportunity to clarify doubts they might have on the platform and propose modifications for its improvement.

Watch the recording of the GEOENVI webinar here



18 February 2021

10:00 am (CET)