TURKISH NATIONAL WORKSHOP – Innovative LCA for deep geothermal projects

02 October 2020

This national workshop presented how to evaluate and reduce the impacts and risks of deep geothermal energy through the results of the GEOENVI project. In particular, it discussed the LCA tools and simplified models to assess the environmental performance of deep geothermal energy.

The workshop targeted national stakeholders in Turkey and has been held in Turkish. You can find the recording here.


Time Title of Presentation Speaker
14:00 Introduction Ufuk ŞENTÜRK


14:30 Introduction to the GEOENVI project  LCA harmonized guidelines based on LCA and non LCA impact indicators Assoc.Prof.Dr.Özge GÖK

Dokuz Eylül Uni.

15:30 Guidelines implementation for DORA-II and

Simplified models for LCA for case studies

Prof.Dr.Niyazi AKSOY

Dokuz Eylül Uni.

16:30 Questionnaire and Discussion


Dokuz Eylül University


Turkey, Online

02 October 2020