Investing in Geothermal energy as a key solution for a Just Transition

23 March 2021

Geothermal energy is the most diverse renewable energy source, being used for heating, cooling, electricity, and even critical raw materials. In this high-level event, the expert panel will discuss how investing in geothermal energy can support a just transition for those regions most dependent on fossil fuel energy systems.

Through the conversion of hydrocarbon infrastructure and the development of local clean energy projects, the geothermal sector can provide a path to achieving the European Commission’s 55% emissions reduction target by 2030. Further, some case studies from the Horizon 2020 GEOENVI project will offer concrete examples on how the geothermal just transition works in practice.

Registration and agenda will be available soon!


23 March 2021

11:00-12:30 (CET)